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If you need a car immediately, choosing one that’s already on the lot may be your best option as receiving a factory ordered vehicle could take a few months. Domestically-made vehicles typically take about eight weeks to arrive, while internationally-made ones take three or more months. Some automakers require that dealers place orders only once per quarter, which could also increase your wait time.

While a dealership can provide you with an accurate delivery estimate, you should also prepare yourself for the possibility of a delays. Parts shortages, factory shutdowns, and production problems have been causing major headaches for automakers and car buyers alike.
Simply put: There is no fixed time period. Wait time depends on many factors, but the dealership fulfilling your order should be able offer an estimate. Keep in mind that it is possible the factory may not be equipped to make the vehicle precisely the way you ordered it for several weeks. Once your vehicle has been created, the manufacturer must then ship the car from the factory, which could be on another continent. Taking all of this into consideration, it is not uncommon for wait times to span several months or for delivery dates to change throughout the process.
Placing a factory order differs slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Only a small handful of manufacturers sell cars directly from factory to buyer. In this case, the entire process takes place online as the company’s website guides you through placing the custom order.

For most automakers, a dealership is involved in the ordering process. While you do have the ability to carry out majority of the process online, a local dealership still handles the paperwork for your order and oversees the actual delivery of your vehicle.
Prior to the pandemic, the vehicles with the biggest discounts were sitting on dealership lots, but these days, patience pays off. Placing a factory order for a new vehicle is often the surest way to avoid overpaying while still getting the car you desire. The average new-car buyer keeps their vehicle for six years, so be sure that the car, SUV, or truck that you purchase is a vehicle that you really want.

Deciding whether to custom order or choose from what’s already available is a personal decision based on your priorities. Are you willing to pay for it now or to potentially compromise on the exact model so you can get a new vehicle quickly? Or, would you rather wait and potentially save thousands of dollars?
Every manufacturer has its own policies about canceling a custom order, but it is always possible to cancel. In some states, it’s even possible to return a car shortly after taking possession of it. What may not be possible is getting your deposit back. Be sure to read all paperwork carefully before signing. Today’s hot-selling, limited-supply market also means that the dealership may have an easy time finding another buyer for the car you decline. So, if your financial circumstances change, talk to the dealership quickly. You may have options.

You may have heard some buzz about a global microchip shortage, and how auto dealers are feeling the pinch. The shortage has caused new car production to decline quickly, and supply can't keep up with demand. This explains why some lots are looking emptier than usual and why perhaps you could possibly miss the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the car you've always had your eye on. Get behind the wheel of a vehicle that suits your needs at Audi Pembroke Pines. You'll gain the advantage of having access to all of the resources available to us as a dealership within the Holman Family. That means over 90+ years in the automotive industry and more avenues to find the perfect car. Take a look at our current inventory by visiting us in person or online.